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  • Jannette Krezel

Relationship energetics - calling in the relationship you want

Relationships can be so supportive and rewarding but also so incredibly challenging. If you're finding it difficult to bridge the gap between what you want in a relationship and what's actually showing up in your life, consider looking into your relationship energetics.

Through actively engaging with your energy body, you can draw upon powerful manifestation tools to call in the harmonious, soulful relationship you desire. In this blog post, I will explore how understanding your relationship energetic signature can shift your approach from simply hoping for a better relationship, into taking inspired action.

Photo by Ashley Byrd via Unsplash
Our energy field is like a magnet attracting harmonious relationships or draining and conflicting ones - depending on what your energetic signature is.

Ready to dive deeper? Here we go.

Recognise the power of your thoughts - what you think about relationships matters

Acknowledge the power of your energy and your thoughts when it comes to relationships. We often forget that we are energetic beings, constantly sending out and receiving energy through our thoughts and emotions. Our energy field is like a magnet attracting harmonious relationships or draining and conflicting ones - depending on what your energetic signature is. It's important to ask yourself, “How am I feeling today?” and have a look at your daily experiences. Are your interactions with others uplifting you, bringing joy, laughter, fun? Or are you feeling drained, frustrated or angry? Consider how you could step more into the energy that you desire from a relationship. So that how you’re feeling daily resonates more with the energy of the relationship you want. Energy is attracted to like energy, you can’t draw in what you haven’t yet become. To call in the relationship you desire, check in with your energy - if your emotions are regularly balanced and your attitude toward yourself and others feels harmonious, watch how quickly your reality aligns with a harmonious new partner and balanced connection.

Connect to yourself first - practice mindfully setting energetic boundaries

Spend some time focusing on you first. When it comes to relationships, each of us has our own energetic signature which can be influenced by our attachment style, flowing on to the way we interact with those around us and potential partners. One of the best ways to ensure a balanced, harmonious relationship is to begin by connecting with yourself first. To do this, it's important to decide on your values and what’s important to you in the relationship you desire, so that you can set boundaries and begin calling in a new partner from that balanced space, giving you the power to manifest more fulfilling relationships.

Understand what you’re really looking for in your partner and relationship

Cultivating secure, healthy relationships starts with being aware of our own needs and values. Taking the time to reflect on how you like to relate and communicate, how you like to receive support and how you like to give it, helps us gain clarity about our goals when it comes to calling in a relationship. Taking some alone time to visualise it can get you into a creative, self-expressive space. Allow yourself time for visualisation sessions and try to sense what kind of energy, feelings, dynamics and characteristics make up your ideal partner. You can use visualisations as often as feels good to you. Knowing what you're looking for sends a stronger, clearer message to the Universe and can make manifesting the relationship you desire flow more effortlessly.

Let it go - clear stuck energy and resolve limiting beliefs that block your new relationship

When it comes to calling in the partner of your dreams, it's important to start from within. To create an environment ready for a harmonious and balanced relationship, we must choose to let go of subconscious limiting beliefs, old patterns or doubts that sabotage us or hold us back from attracting what we truly desire. All energy carries vibrations, and energy that has become stagnant or blocked can prevent us from achieving equilibrium and harmony with our relationships. To clear away these blockages and cleanse your energy field you can start by working with an energy practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of where these thoughts come from which can open you up to a powerful space to release blocks, limiting beliefs and doubts. You can also use mindfulness techniques such as meditation, visualisation and grounding exercises which help bring energy into the present moment so that it can flow freely. Focusing on your body and tuning into the energy you want to bring into the relationship can further help nurture this authentic connection with yourself and allow you to manifest a more aligned partner.

Bring it in - manifesting your partner and relationship through inspired action

Understanding the impact of using your energetics to build momentum by taking small steps daily towards manifesting the relationship you desire can be so impactful. This could look like raising your energy more frequently into joy, making physical space for your new partner in your home by clearing a drawer or wardrobe space for them, and taking steps to become the ‘most you’ that you can be - the authentic you that your ideal partner will be drawn to. Taking small steps of action towards aligning your intentions, while checking in with yourself to ensure that what you are striving for is truly in alignment with your values will bring in a relationship that is authentic and meaningful for you.

Keep going - create a daily practice to maintain balance throughout the process

Have you been searching for The One for a while? Feeling like the journey never ends? Be gentle with yourself. Make sure you keep nurturing your connection to yourself. Practice mindfulness to listen more and more to your inner guidance and trust in the power of your intuition to know that you are being led to the best outcome possible. Some daily habits that can support you in this connection are: grounding meditations, regular check-ins with yourself through journaling, taking time each day for activities that bring you joy, being mindful of how much energy you're expending on others and making sure there's an equal exchange.

See that it’s already done - this or something better

Taking inspired action to align your energetic relationship signature to call in the relationship you desire can feel daunting, yet it isn't something you have to do alone. Regardless of your current relationship status, there is always so much value in learning how to embody energetic strength and being open to receive love that nourishes your soul. Knowing that you are worthy of a loving, supportive relationship and making the intention to call in what resonates with your heart is liberating. If you need support in learning more about your energetic signature and creating a daily practice, reach out to me.

Much love,

Jannette x


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