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Explore how to leave behind stress and overwhelm and step into more clarity, joy and purpose harnessing energy work and your intuition.

Image by Renee Kiffin

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My Story

I have always intuitively felt subtle energies and how spaces, places and people feel.


As a certified Usui Reiki practitioner, I incorporate my intuitive gifts in my Reiki and energy healing practice, using crystals and tarot for healing messages and for guidance in clearing blockages.  


I often work with clients who are suffering from physical injuries as well as emotional blocks that may have arisen from stress or other life events, focusing on restoring a sense of calm, balance and wellness. 


An advocate for diversity and passionate about sustainability, I balance my intuitive skills with a real-world practicality. I am passionate about helping others connect more deeply to their authentic selves, their peace and wellbeing.

Jannette x

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